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Air Duct Cleaning

100% of the HVAC system gets cleaning when I visit your home. All supply and return lines, plenums, and blower cabinet. My services are flat rate and I guarantee no up-sales of any kind.

Air Duct Sanitizing

If you are not in need of dirt removal from the air duct system but would like it sanitized, I have the capabilities. My sanitizing service is conducted quickly and treats the entire HVAC system.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Brush and suction system is used to clean your dryer vent. I guarantee your dryer vent will be 100% free of lint and birds nest after I complete your dryer vent cleaning service.

Ozone Treatment

This is a more serious treatment for your HVAC system and home. If you are fighting cigarette or other odors you may be wanting an ozone treatment service. Contact for details or click here for more information.

No Up-sales

I am the owner and operator of NTS and I guarantee my work!
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NO UP-SALES - This means I charge a flat rate per system and I don’t hide my prices. If you are wanting one system cleaned and I tell you on the phone the price is $400 then that is the price when I get to your door.

COMMPETITORS - If you see coupons stating $15 per supply vent that is what it means. When the technician gets to your home they will ask if you want the Return lines, Plenums, and Blowers cleaning. You obviously do because it is part of the system. Now the price went from $150 to well over $500. I clean the whole system for $400.

MOLD - Mold is very common in the air duct system and on 95% of the cases it is not an issue. I will not conduct a mold test while in your home and then charge you extra. If I feel there is a serious mold issue or you want it removed I will put you in contact with a certified mold restoration company.

  • Supply Lines
  • Return Lines
  • Plenums
  • Blower Cabinet

Joseph Dollison

NTS Cleaning Owner/Operator
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Joseph Dollison

Owner / Operator


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